A few words about My Mesiya and i


Dear my customer, 

You can call me “Nuch“ I am a Thai woman and owner of My Mesiya clothing for women.

I turned 50 this year and im feeling very proud.  I started my career in advertising and worked with many talented stylists along the way.  This led me to open my first boutique clothing store in a shopping mall which i ran successfully for 15 years.

The recent 'interesting' years pushed me and my business out of the mall and online, Instagram of which our thriving following of MY Mesiya was made. We recently launched www.mymesiya.com so that we can provide efficient ways to order clothing globally.

I want to share some key notes and what makes My Mesiya a peoples choice for comfortable, sincere and worthy clothing.


1 . Comfortable

All of the garments are made from good quality fabric and does not irritate skin. They are easy to wear and come with little conflict of contrast with other clothing and are suitable for almost every occasion.


2. Simple and elegant

I like to wear something that is simple, that’s why I select color ranges that look natural, timeless and are easy to mix and match.


3. Worthy

I think the price of clothes need to reasonable because we as women always buy a lot of them.

I want to give you satisfaction and happiness with My Mesiya clothing ranges. Id like you to think of me as your personal stylist that has your confidence and comfort at the top of my list daily. We don't have to be models to be absolutely beautiful as we are.


Love you all